Fans of ReLIFE this is a sad news because the manga will end this March 2018 ūüė¶ but on the positive note, the concluding part of the story will air also at the same month but that is kind of sad too. This was suggested by my classmate and I loved the story of this,... Continue Reading →


Violet Evergarden

I badly want to share this to everyone because just the first minute watching this, I fell in love already. If you want drama I highly recommend this to you, the innocence of Violet about human feelings makes me really depressed. Her face is such a beauty but she was a weapon on war. This... Continue Reading →

Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line

Well guys!!! I'm visiting this site My Anime List and saw that it's CONFIRMED!!! The 4th Season of Yowamushi Pedal will be on Winter! I expect that the first episode will be released on the first week of January and I'm thinking not to watch it until the whole season is done because the cliffhanger on this... Continue Reading →

Know your season

This time, I won't be reviewing anime but I will give an important information that is necessary for all anime viewers. Imagine yourself searching for an anime to watch but the only way to find it is through which season it was aired but don't know which. I download ost's of animes I've watch and... Continue Reading →

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