Group of friends wherein they tried to change the future they have by sending letters to their past self. Kinda confusing right? but this anime touched my heart while I was watching it.

Future Naho writes a letter to her past by saying to her high school self to do what she wants to do before she regrets. She wants to save Kakeru from taking his own life that was the group’s biggest regret during their high school year.1f79030e75916b4d57c5b0f82e5a2446

This anime aired last 2016 with 13 episodes, the story of this anime is very touching because it talks about friendship, hardship and relationship. I love the message they want to send to the viewers: do it before you regret it. I really like to tell everyone why Kakeru took his own life and whether they are successful to prevent the high school Kakeru from killing his self but it is part of the plot. I appreciate every character in the anime because they have a big part on helping Kakeru. There are character development on Naho which I highly recognized.


If you want a breather from the anime you are watching and want some tears rolling down your face I highly recommend this for everyone and I will rate this a 10/10.

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