No Game No Life

A place where everything is decided by a game? well I can say that I can’t survive because I don’t have any gamer’s quality and I only know few games. This anime aired last 2013 with 12 episodes.

Sora and Shiro are siblings that is undefeated in any games and their partnership is called “the blank”. One day they are challenged in an online chess and then they were transported to a different world by Tet, with a huge problem on Elkia a place with human people, they play their heart out to save Elkia.89dd078f78bc705694f0f06b1972973d

This anime is a complete package, full of humor, unpredictable plot twist, drama etc., one thing I don’t like in this anime is a the brother-sister complex and the nudity of the characters. The setting is so colorful so is the character designs. My favorite part in this anime was the chess battle between Kurami Zell  and them, the chess pieces became emotional and I really laugh hard at it.

A movie was recently aired and I’m gonna watch it sooner to make a review. This is a great anime to watch and I highly recommend this to everyone to watch. I will give this a rate of 9.5/10.

Featured GIF taken from

“In every age, and every world, the strong sharpen their fangs while the weak polish their wits.” – Sora


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