Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart

I watched this anime after the last episode was aired. The show consists of 6 episodes only so it will be a fast watch.

Miou Aida and Haruki Serizawa are friend since their high school and they were often teased that they are in a relationship because of their closeness to each other, Miou is a painter and Haruki is a film director and they’ve come to the point that they don’t want to pursue their dreams because of each other.tumblr_p0sxjbPecA1v4x3bwo3_500

It’s good that the anime only have 6 episode because some love stories I have watched that has lots of episodes bored me out. I love the innocence of them and their innocent love story. At first it was cliche but the turning point was when Miou learned that the one who saved her while she was drowning was Haruki’s brother and she avoided him because Haruki might think that she is the cause of his brother’s death and then they started to think that they don’t want to achieve their dreams.

The animation is good, same goes for the character design. This is really a good watch and if you have time to watch some high school romance this is recommended. I will rate this a 9/10.


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