Gakuen Babysitters

A club wherein you will be a babysitter? that’s new right? This anime is currently airing and I’m thankful for my friend who suggested this to me because I need more anime to watch. After Ryuichi and Kotaro’s parents suddenly died, they were adopted by a school chairwoman Morinomiya in exchange Ryuichi have to be a babysitter in the school’s daycare center. He met there 5 children there and they easily became fond of him. For now I can’t see any story going on, just different scenarios but it I still appreciate a late story development. This show will remind you of your childhood days because the kids have different personalities. One thing I don’t like about the show is Yagi Tomoya’s because it’s really weird that touching a child’s face make your nose bleed. The animation is good and so is the babies, this will receive a 8.8/10 rating for me.

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