5 Centimeters Per Second

Created by Makoto Shinkai, known for his Your Name movie, this drama film was rated 7.7/10 at IMDb and an 8/10 at MyAnimeList.net

Takaki Tono longs for his love to Akari Shinohara after their last meeting 13 years. ago.

The animation of this anime is so good and realistic, the sceneries, color combinations and the characters, I also love the song featured One More Time One More Chance. The plot of the story is kind of sad and intriguing.

I’d like to appreciate Takaki because even though 13 years already passed he only have one person in his heart, he might have ex girlfriend, it must be to divert his feelings to Akari. I’m not a fan of the last part of the movie, Akari didn’t recognize Takaki, I’d like to know what happened to her why she can’t remember Takaki.

I think the reason why they showed the three levels of Takaki because they want to show that whatever age you might be if it’s true love its true love.I highly recommend this to everyone because it shows what true love is, I give this a 9.5/10 

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