Plastic Memories

Recently I finished a Korean drama about androids and then I suddenly remembered that I watched this anime. This show was aired last 2015 with 13 episodes, it will be a fast but emotional watch ūüėě

Giftia is the latest android model with human like features that also have human memory and emotion but there is a lifespan and if they passed their expiration day, they become violent. Terminal Services is the one responsible for the retrieval of Giftias.

If you want a feels trip, this anime will take you to your destination. I started to think that loosing someone important to you even though you are not related by blood is painful. This showed the importance of time, let’s show our love to our family and friends because we never know what will happen

I’d like to acknowldge Tsukasa Mizugakibecause he never left Isla till the end.

The character design is good, the plot is predictable but still good, I highly recommend this to everyone if you want to cry and I will give this a 9.3/10


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