A school where wealthy and powerful student of Japan and a school that is also a gambling site. This is the first anime I watched where gambling is involve and I find it good and weird. This anime was made by studio Mappa with 12 episodes that aired last July-September 2017

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school for future leaders and businessmen  but this school has another side. Hierarchy is determined by gambling that was proposed by the student council. They bet everything and if they can’t pay their debt, they become slaves, Jabami Yumeko just transferred in the school with so much anticipation because she is a gambling addict.

GIF taken from https://tenor.com/view/kakegurui-compulsive-gambler-crazy-anime-gif-9340141

I find it creepy when the characters are so feminine then changing like in the gif above. I love the character of Ryota Suzui because he is a good friend of Jabami and he never left her in any gambling she played at. As for Jabami, I find it weird that gambling pleases her though maybe that’s her way of having fun but for me it’s too much betting your life?. I don’t like the whole student council, they all think that they are all high and mighty but hahahaha they’ve tasted what they don’t know, but I pity them sometimes because they have to please their parents.

GIF taken from https://www.watchmojo.com/blog/2017/11/08/top-5-kakegurui-moments

It’s a really nice watch but the problem is there are a lot of jargon words and sometimes I don’t understand the rules because I’m new to this kind of anime. I highly recommend this to everyone and I will give this a rate of 9.3/10

Featured GIF taken from http://aminoapps.com/page/anime/5065508/kakegurui-gifs-7



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