Would you still continue to live like a human or to live like a psychopath who knows nothing but to kill?

Last week I finished this anime and got the copy from my classmate who happens to have a blog the Daily Anime. First of all I’d like to say in advance that I’m really amazed with the animation of this anime especially when some part of their body were shown.

This anime has 11 episodes and made possible by studio MAPPA. For a plot, Ichiro Inuyashiki lived together with his uncaring and disrespectful family. He was diagnosed with cancer but something happened while he was on the hill.

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The characters design is good but I don’t agree with the girls on the anime that Hiro Shishigami is handsome. I want to talk about the family of Ichiro, how come they are like that to their father? they treat him like their grandfather specially his daughter, they only cared when Ichiro decided to do something good for all.

I want to raise my cup for Ichiro because even though he is not familiar with his power, he trained to stop Shishigami, he didn’t let his age be a hindrance to stop him from helping.

Shishigami tops the list of my “I hate you” characters, he is so bad I don’t even have a word to say about him, though the saying of Confucius fits him “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

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I fell in love with the ED of this song entitled Ai o Oshietekureta Kimi e (To You Who Taught Me Love) . The story of this is good and this is the first time that I encountered a middle-aged man as the protagonist though I have two question in mind: WHY THE COMMON SICKNESS IN THAT CITY IS CANCER and WHEN THEY CRY THERE IS ALWAYS A SNOTI highly recommend this for everyone to watch and I will give this a rate of 10/10.


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