Have you ever thought of sharing your pain to others? or not feeling any pain at all? Well, this anime can answer those question above, Kiznaiver have 12 episodes  that aired last 2016.

Kizna System is an experiment that shares the pain and suffering of people, an experimental town was made for this experiment and Katsuhira Agata is one of the kiznaivers together with his other classmates and this bond allowed them to build bonds with their different lives and personalities.

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The character design of this anime is superb and so is their different personalities, I really love how the voice actor of Katsuhira cope up with such type of character emotionless but curious. The story is good and the plot twist is not so surprising because before it was revealed there were flashbacks of memories of that character, I was amazed by the animation of this.

Kizna System’s main goal is to preserve peace by knowing what the other people feel, for me, it might be nice that you can share what you feel to other people but why let them suffer if it was meant just for you to feel? You can’t feel the essence of life because pain is one of the reasons why we continue to believe and make a better person of us.

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Overall this is a satisfying anime to watch, the one I really love is the animation and the characters itself they are so unique. I highly recommend this anime for everyone to watch, I give this a 9.5/10, the character that I laughed so hard was Yoshiharu Hisomu hahahaha, I don’t know what his sexuality was and the noises he make was funny.


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