Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun

If you love football and humour, I highly suggest this to you, this aired last July 2017 with 12 episodes. I’ve started this anime and waited every week for an episode to watch. I love the characters here especially the boys on it ūüėā.

A first year high school football genius who is part of the Japanese National Football Team joined the Fujimi High School and its football club. He is secretive and his whole name wasn’t even mentioned on the anime, despite being a football player he is a clean freak! very ironic right?

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I love the humour of this anime, every episode is not complete without laughter. It’s really cute every time Aoyama is cleaning because he’s really focused and want things shiny. He is very athletic and famous on school, every high school football team approached him and he chose Fujimi because its dirty! I would love to have such attitude but I don’t have talent like Aoyama.

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The animation is nice, character design and attitudes, one thing is that every episode have different story, it doesn’t have any solid storyline. I loved this because of the laughter it gave me, I suggest this to everyone and I rate this 9.3/10


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