Fastest Finger First

A knowledgeable and exciting anime aired last July 2017 entitled Nana Maru San Batsu or Fastest Finger First. This was suggested by my classmate and said that it’s entertaining and you can learn lots of stuff. For a brief plot, Shiki Koshiyama just entered high school and while they were attending orientation wherein different clubs endorse their club. He’s in a situation where he was chosen to play quiz bowl as an example, in the end he joined the Quiz Bowl Club to compete on quiz bowl contest together with their club mates.GIF taken from

The story of this is very unique and fresh, the characters are excellent especially Mari Fukami because she really pushed the Essence of quiz bowl. I’m amazed that they already know the answer before it was even finished reading, they have that word clues and the intonation changes to predict what will be the question. The animation is good and the story itself. I recommend this and this will receive a 9.5/10.


Featured GIF taken from


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