Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice)

A drama film directed by Naoko Yamada and produced by Kyoto Animation, this movie was aired on Japan last 2016 and worldwide on 2017. This film was rated 91% on Rotten Tomato, 8.2/10 on IMDb and 9/10 on MyAnimeList.net. The film received Excellent Animation of the Year on 40th Japan Academy Prize, Anime of the Year on Tokyo Anime Award Festival Animation Division- Excellence Award on  Japan Media Arts Festival and Best Animation of the Year on 26th Japan Movie Critics Awards. This film has a strong drama and strong will to share what they want to convey to the watchers especially those bullies out there.

GIF taken from https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/opinions-on-koe-no-katachi/WltX_ukoXeYXvYMP7EEYdWP0WqXNoq

For a brief plot, Shoya Ishida reached his limit and wants to take his own life but before he jump off the river he suddenly reminisced his elementary days where he bullied Shoko Nishimiya who is deaf and can’t speak well because of her disability. Together with his other friends, they bullied her but in the end, he was left in the air and all his friends said that he’s just the one bullying Nishimiya. He was known for being a bully on high school and no one wants to be his friend but things don’t remain as they are. He went to a sign language center hoping to amend his bullying before. I won’t spoil anymore because this anime is really great, for those officers there in their school organization, I suggest you to feature this film.

The animation of this anime is good and so is the characters, even though I really hated Shoya for what he’s done, I pitied him in the end because somehow deep inside me, it must be lonely having no friends and not giving a chance. I like what he did where he went to Nishimiya to return a notebook of her that he threw. I feel bad for him because his friends left him and he almost left the world. As for Nishimiya, I like her forgiving attitude though I don’t like what she planned to do in the end because I hate persons doing that kind of stuff.

GIF taken from https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/opinions-on-koe-no-katachi/WltX_ukoXeYXvYMP7EEYdWP0WqXNoq

I highly recommend  this for you to watch because it made me cry, yes! I want you to cry to hahahaha. But seriously, I wept for Nishimiya and Shoya because I can sense that even though what happened between them, they are attracted to each other. I rate this a 10/10 because the story itself, the animation and characters are all amazing. I hate one character here though! Have you watched this yet? watch and if you did what can you say about it?


Featured GIF taken from https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/689754499151007455/



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