The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu)

Movie made by the famous Hayao Miyazaki with Studio Ghibli released on 2013, this show is aligned with My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away that was also made by Hayao Miyazaki when it comes to the artistry and story. Kaze Tachinu was rated 89% in Rotten Tomato, 7.8/10 in IMDb and 8.2/10 in This received international awards like Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language. It also won on Japan Academy Price for Animation of the Year. I found this movie because I was searching for anime movies to watch, it caught my attention because if the year it was released, and during that year I haven’t heard of this movie.

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This is a fictionalized biopic Jiro Hirikoshi designer of Mitsubishi A5M Fighter Aircraft that was used during the World War II. The story revolves around him and his love story. When he was a child he wants to be pilot but due to his nearsightedness, it didn’t happen. He read the books of Giovanni Battista Caproni, an Italian aeronautical engineer which he dreamed about. He pursue to study aeronautical engineering and while going to the university a disaster happened and he met Nahoko. After graduating he worked at Mitsubishi to compete his design for the planes that will be used. Regardless of countless failures, he didn’t stop and he continue to study and design. He then met Nahoko and they got married. I don’t want to tell the next part because it’s a great movie to watch.GIF taken from

 I really like the character of Jiro because even though he failed a couple of times already he didn’t give up, even on his life. I highly recommend this for you to watch, it’s inspiring and one thing I love about this is because this have a history in it. The animation is really great and so is the character designs. It’s a perfect 10/10 for me and do watch this! I want you guys to appreciate this, you will learn lessons here! ūüėä
“The wind rises… we must try to live – Paul Val√©ry”
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