This anime aired on 2015 with 13 episodes, I already watched this anime couple of times already, the story is great and full of powers. Too bad the ending is not what I expected. The story is about a comet Charlotte that passes the earth every 75 years and leaves dust that was inhaled by preadolescent children causing them to have super power. Yuu Otosaka thought that his power is just taking over someone’s body but it is not just it. He met Nao Tomori that exposed him from what he was doing, using his power to cheat on exams and many more. He was then forced to join the student council of Hoshinoumi Academy and they find those children with powers.

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As the story goes on the characters becomes more interesting and so is what will happen next because you don’t have any idea what is going on. I was really surprised that they have an older brother Shunsuke Otosaka who can time travel, but due to his over use of power to protect those who are like him he became blind. He sacrificed a lot he even erased the memories of his brother and sister and removed him from it until he founded Hoshinoumi Academy to protect the others. Unlike any other cliché school and supernatural anime this took its story to another dimension.

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This anime showed a lot of love and sacrifices, overall its amazing and I highly recommend this for you to watch. The animation and the soundtrack was amazing especially the songs of Zhiend featured in here. This will receive a 10/10 rating, watch this guys! I guarantee it.

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