Know your season

This time, I won’t be reviewing anime but I will give an important information that is necessary for all anime viewers. Imagine yourself searching for an anime to watch but the only way to find it is through which season it was aired but don’t know which. I download ost’s of animes I’ve watch and it only shows 4 seasons and the year and it’s kinda stressful to select each and find. It’s very vital to know this kind of information maybe to vote for your favorite anime as anime of the season. It will also be the basis of which month it will be aired. These are the four seasons and it’s months:

Winter – January to March

Spring – April to June

Summer – July to September

Fall – October to December

Some anime may air month earlier but still in that category. Example: Free! aired on June but still on the summer season. Now! it will be easier to predict a shows airing date and month. So which of the four seasons you anticipate the most next year? share some of your excitement on the comments below!

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