Ballroom e Youkoso

This anime, also known as Welcome to the Ballroom recently aired its last episode last December 17 and I can’t wait to make a review on this because I really loved it and waited for 24 weeks to watch each episode. Now, in this blog you’ll see lots of gifs and fangirling from me. For a plot, Fujita Tatara don’t know what he will do in his future, he saw Ogasawara Dance Studio and Kaname Sengoku introduced him to the world of competitive dance and started to meet a lot of people and found a reason to be excited and nervous with.

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This anime has 24 episodes and the manga is still ongoing which I will read soon because the animation might not continue and I don’t want to waste such great story. First of all I would like to acknowledge the animation of this, I don’t how they’ve drawn it the steps, postures and the characters itself, its satisfying to see that dances can be done on anime. I find it weird when the dancer’s body suddenly became elongated when they dance but I think it’s to show how ballroom is not as easy as it looks like. The only thing I don’t like is that they seldom show some real dancing maybe because of the effort needed and they only have a week to finish one episode.

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Now the soundtrack of this anime is a complete eargasm especially the ED 1 Maybe the Next Waltz. The sounds of the shoes tapping the floor, the eek sound and the music played on waltz is really pleasant to hear.  I love every characters and their personalities but my first love in here was Kiyoharu Hyodo, came from a family of ballroom dancers and was dancing since he was young. Since he saw Tatara dancing with his partner and saw something on him, he acknowledge him as an opponent and helped Tatara to be a better dancer. For Fujita, he is an amazing guy because he regards his partner of what they feel. His father doesn’t know about him dancing yet and he even had a part-time job to pay for the lessons. It’s amazing that he have this extreme dancer’s instinct of movements and he focuses on what he wants to do like entering a dance competition where he promised to compete with Hyodo and Hanaoka Shizuku, a schoolmate of him that was partnered with Hyodo since they were kids.

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It’s funny that Tatara didn’t know that his coach Kaname Sengoku is a pro and an international dancer, he only knew when Akagi Gaju told him. I was excited on the part where Gaju and his sister Akagi Mako who were partnered originally break their partnership and Gaju paired up with Shizuku, Hyodo having an injured knee, and Mako with Tatara, for me this the part where Fujita became a  dancer. Now the main girl arrives, Hiyama Chinatsu, a classmate of him and have a history with ballroom. Though they have a rough beginning, they tried to understand each other to have unity. Sometimes I don’t really like the attitude of Chinatsu, being so bossy and shouty to Tatara but I hope as I read the manga it will change.

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On the first arc, I really love the ED because it changes depending on who was partnered with Tatara and the clothes also changed when they have entered a competition. Now! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FOR YOU TO WATCH why? because this is the first animated ballroom, it’s very interesting and you will be introduced to a new world! The rate I will give to this is 9.99/ 10 I didn’t give it a perfect 10 because I needed to see more dancing but still WATCH THIS!. I wish that they will continue the show though, Cross fingers   >.<

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