If you want heads flying and bloods spurting this anime is for you. Drifters is about warriors, leaders and soldiers being sent to another world by Murasaki. For a brief plot Toyohisa Shimazu is on a war in Sekigahara and he said to his uncle that he will be left to kill Ii Naomasa but he was fatally wounded. While he was walking in a forest he finds himself on a corridor with doors and Murasaki sent him to another world. There he met Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi who is way way older than him and thought that they were already dead in the time they existed. There, a group of warriors called Ends sent by Easy are annihilating humans and raising a demihuman community and a group called Octobrist who uses magic are responsible to collect all Drifters sent by Murasaki to stop the Ends.

GIF taken from http://www.gramunion.com/tagged/Shimazu%20Toyohisa?n=1487284337

If you want history with lots of action this is totally for you. When I searched for the characters of this anime, the Drifters are really real like Scipio Afrikanus, Hannibal Barca even Hitler is there and he was called “father” because he established the empire of Orte and even Count Saint Germini. Same goes to the Ends like Hijikata Toshizo and Jeanne d’Arc. I really like the plot of this story because this the first time I encountered this type of anime, I’m really amazed how the story was built. The characters are inspiring especially Toyohisa, he never go against his beliefs and he never give up.

GIF taken from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/380343131016210997/

The only thing I don’t like in this anime is the animation sometimes I can’t see what is happening though it suits well because of the theme. I highly recommend this to everyone and I rate this 9.6/10, I just finished to whole anime for a day. Recently it is humored that the second season will be aired on 2018 but with no specific date yet. We just hoped that it will be sooner.

Before I end this I want to greet my readers a Merīkurisumasu



This is our battle to fight, nobody can order you to do anything anymore – Toyohisa


Features GIF taken fromhttps://tenor.com/view/drifters-toyohisa-katana-gif-5628775


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