Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

Everyone knows this anime because it is very famous until now this also have a live adaptation and I will make a separate review on that because on this week’s blog post I’m focused on anime with music in it. For a brief plot, a music prodigy Arima Kosei stopped from playing piano because he can’t hear the notes well, he met a girl in  park playing melodica, Kaori Miyazono pushed him to play on stage again.

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This anime is about school life and have some twist of drama on it, this has 22 episodes and an OVA. Unlike Nodame Cantabile the choice and list of classical music here is lesser because it is focused on single performance only. It’s refreshing for me because almost all of the school life anime I have watched was about love though there might be a bit on it. The characters are really something because you can relate yourself to them, like Kosei some of us might be like his situation, parents being pushy to us to take what they want us to learn not hearing what we really want. Kaori being carefree even though she have sickness and not letting that obstacle to stop her from playing violin. Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryota Watari with their support to Kosei. This anime made such noise because it touches everyone’s heart with the characters and I can say the story itself.

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The soundtrack of this anime is really nice especially OP 1 and ED 1 and 2. The animation is amazing because you can really see their expressions and movements when they play. The last episode is heart breaking because when Kosei finally found someone to treasure again it disappeared. I want to know what happened after Kaori with his career, and I do hope that this anime will continue to resonate. I will rate this 9.6/10, for those who haven’t watched it yet, it is still not late.

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