Nodame Cantabile

This anime was suggested by my friend, she really insisted that I should watch this anime while we were transferring files to each other. I can say that this anime is so under rated and if you are looking for a watch this is a must! This anime has 3 seasons, 24 episodes on the first, 11 episodes and 1 OVA for seasons 2 and 3.

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I say under rated because I didn’t hear about an anime named like this, at first I was hesitant to watch this because the name is so unfamiliar but when I watched it, I can’t stop from seeing this. It’s a romantic comedy with music in it, the type of music you will hear is classical which is very pleasing to the ears. It gave an impact, that comedy and classical music can compliment each other. There is no episode where you will laugh especially the character of Megumi Noda, a pianist that can make a classical music to song-like with her love interest Shinichi Chiaki son of music prodigies and studying to be a conductor.

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I really like the characters of this anime, Megumi with her weird personality and playing skills Chiaki was trying to change her to be a real musician but in the end accepted Nodame for who she is a musician. The music was pleasing because who wouldn’t love a classic? One thing I hate about Chiaki was his negligence to Nodame’s feelings for her vice versa, he can’t make a decision what his feeling are. I highly recommend this to everyone the characters, music and story fits in like a puzzle piece. I really wish that this anime will have more popularity. This is a 9.5/10 for me, so you will watch this right?

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