Sakamoto Desu Ga

While on my semestral break I saw a video and the caption was the coolest guy in anime ever. I laughed hard after watching the video and it made me watch it, the title is Sakamato desu ga? or Haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto. The story revolves around a popular and cool high school student Sakamoto. Due to his popularity among the girls, the boys always pranks him and badly for the boys, Sakamoto always avoided it perfectly that only makes him more cooler.

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I guarantee you that this anime will tickle your funny bone and you will question yourself as a man, hahahaha. For me he is the epitome of all men in the world because not only of his perfect get-away but he helped others who needed him. I really admired him because even though he was always pranked by his schoolmates, he took it calmly and didn’t even think about revenge.

sakamoto desuka
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This anime only have 12 episodes and the only negative I can say is that the story didn’t have any plot at all. Even though its like that I highly recommend you to watch this because this is a breather from all the stress you have right now. I will rate this 9/10 and if there is a man like him, I will be grateful to meet him. The ED of this anime is really relaxing listen here

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