Bungou Stray Dogs

This anime is one of my all time favorite, I watched it already couple of times and still give me the same feels the first time I saw it. Bungou Stray Dogs have 2 seasons with 12 episode each and 1 OVA. I fell in love with the ED song Namae Wo Yobu Yo by Luck Life (click the link to listen to the song). In this series some people are gifted with superpowers and they used it in different ways like business, detective agency and missions. It is focused on the members of Armed Detective Agency.

GIF taken from wikia.com/wiki/File:AtsushiAttackingAkutagawa.gif

Atsushi Nakajima is the main protagonist of the story and his gift is Beast Beneath the Moon and he has no control in it. He was wondering and saw Osamu Dazai who consistently committing suicide and that’s how Atsushi started to become a member of Armed Detective Agency and later on he has control over his gift. I don’t want to spoil it to everyone like I did on my previous blogs because I want my readers to finish this great anime. I even recommended this to my friend but she hasn’t finished it already.

GIF taken from weheartit.com/nikiforovs/collections/107561399-bungou-stray-d-o-g-s

I really want to acknowledge Ryūnosuke Akutagawa because he only wants Dazai to appreciate his gift, he put on his anger on Atsushi but in the end of season 2 they worked together to stop an attack on their city. This anime has good plot and great characters and the studio who created this is amazing because the animation is realistic. Of course I learned a lot of lesson on this one. First, you don’t need to degrade yourself because even though you lost confidence on yourself the people around you really know your worth and what you have been doing to prove yourself. Second, even though you are enemies you join forces to stop someone from ruining your city. Third, I really love this because of Doppo Kunikida, he always plan ahead and he wants to follow the schedule he created but because of Dazai it is always ruined, some of your plans may work or not but at the end of the day, you’ve accomplished enough to call it a day. Fourth, don’t stop yourself from improving and lastly even though you’re not in the same family, you can still find people who will accept you for who you are.

GIF taken from pinterest.com/pin/391531761337033943/

I rate this 10/10 because of its overall greatness, cuteness, action etc. Last August they released an OVA about who will be the next leader when the current one is dead, and on March 3, 2018 we expect to watch the movie, I really hope that this will have a season 3.

Featured GIF taken from tumblr.com/search/mine:%20stray%20dogs


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