Ore Monogatari

My friend suggested this anime for me to watch, it is entitled Ore Monogatari translated in english My Love Story. This is a romantic comedy anime so you will not just feel cheesy and all romantic stuff but you will also laugh. Takeo Goda is a tall and muscular student, a judo club member and he doesn’t have any luck with any girls at all.  All the girls he likes ended up liking his bestfriend Makoto Sunakawa.

GIF taken from pinterest.com/pin/573646071263549387/

While they were in the station, Takeo saw a girl being harassed and as a man he helped her. Rinko Yamato the girl who Takeo saved falls in love with him. Because of what he always experienced, he expected that the one Rinko have a crush on was Sunakawa, but Sunakawa already knew that Rinko have a feelings for Takeo.

GIF taken from gramunion.com/tagged/takeo%20gouda?n=1480675404

This is a very unique romcom anime for me because it didn’t look on the outside look of a person but from the inside. Rinko is madly in love with him, whenever there are some problems in their relationship, no one gave up on them. The humor of this anime is good enough for you to not to give up on watching this. I wish that all girls will be like Rinko look what is inside in the heart of a man. Sunakawa may not show his feelings but he really is a supportive bestfriend of  Takeo, I hope that there will be a time where he will confess to a girl and not a girl who will confess to him. Many of us may feel like they are Takeo, don’t give up! show what you are made of and be a real man. Love will definitely come in your way.

GIF taken from plus.google.com/communities/103396399926365692560/stream/d6ae2c95-2132-42a7-8479-6f4cb86f5ae5

I will rate this 9.5/10, just like my favorite movie Shrek,it tells me that whatever you look like the one person that will love you unconditionally will come. I recommend you to watch this so that your confidence to yourself will go up and I want you to learn what I have learned in this anime.

Featured GIF taken from imgur.com/gallery/wZTo3PV


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