Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the manga yet.

This is the first shojo anime and manga that I have finished, its been 7 years since I watched it and I still remember what happened in the anime and in the manga. During the year I started watching anime, this is the most talked about and watched, so as a beginner I got curious and I watched it.

GIF taken from fanpop.com/clubs/usui-takumi/images/34740332/title/usui-takumi-33-photo

Misaki Ayuzawa known for her academics and athletic,she is the school council president in Seika High, the school was once an all boys school and recently became a co-ed. Because it just started  being a co-ed most of the student are still boys. She met the famous boy in the campus, Takumi Usui that found out that she worked in a maid cafe and kept it as a secret. Eventually they became a couple and they even married each other!

GIF taken from weheartit.com/entry/124011869

I really like this anime because they didn’t just focus on the romance between Usui and Misaki, the story have humor and real life situation in it. I really admired Misaki because with her reputation on-line, It didn’t stop her from working in a maid cafe to help her ill mother with their living expense.  Since the school consists of boys, she fight for the all the girls safety. As for Usui, in one episode of the series, he was mistakenly identified as a prince but in the manga HE REALLY IS A PRINCE! His father is a butler and his mother is a princess!

GIF taken from http://rebloggy.com/post/gif-anime-queue-usui-takumi-kaichou-wa-maid-sama-kwmsgif/26163475828

For  me he is the reason why this anime is not boring because he acted like a child, prince, friend and a man. Instead of disclosing Misaki’s work, he kept it a secret and protected Misaki. This anime is a big yes for you to watch and I rate it 9.8/10. I suggest you to read the manga because there might be no next season for this anime. It will be really nice they will continue it.


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