Group of friends wherein they tried to change the future they have by sending letters to their past self. Kinda confusing right? but this anime touched my heart while I was watching it. Future Naho writes a letter to her past by saying to her high school self to do what she wants to do... Continue Reading →


No Game No Life

A place where everything is decided by a game? well I can say that I can't survive because I don't have any gamer's quality and I only know few games. This anime aired last 2013 with 12 episodes. Sora and Shiro are siblings that is undefeated in any games and their partnership is called "the... Continue Reading →


So guys this will be a 2-1 news because two famous anime will air on April together with Boku no Hero Academia. Tokyo Ghoul re: This will air on April 3, 2018, mark your calendar guys because we will see Kaneki again together with the new characters and new story line. Shokugeki no Soma Season... Continue Reading →

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

I finished this show recently and this easily became one of my all time favorites, thankfully my classmate allowed me to copy this and I watched it for 2 days including the movie. Magic exist and has been improved with the help of the CADs but the ability to use magic is determined by genetics.... Continue Reading →

Gakuen Babysitters

A club wherein you will be a babysitter? that's new right? This anime is currently airing and I'm thankful for my friend who suggested this to me because I need more anime to watch. After Ryuichi and Kotaro's parents suddenly died, they were adopted by a school chairwoman Morinomiya in exchange Ryuichi have to be... Continue Reading →


This anime aired its first part on 2016 and the second season was aired last 2017. The show is funny and at first there is no proper story line but as the show goes on they gave some light what is happening within the prison deeply. The characters are nice, at first they all look... Continue Reading →

Yukihira Soma

He is the protagonist of the famous cooking anime, Shokugeki no Soma. Son of Yukihira Joichiro who was once a student of Totsuki Culinary Academy His character is an ideal with this of anime, he is so optimistic, energetic and funny making the show famous and not boring. He's into honing his skills in cooking... Continue Reading →

Boku no Hero Academia News

Last Friday I've read from Crunchyroll that the 3rd season of Boku no Hero Academia will air this April 7, 2018. We've got a lot of new seasons of our favorite anime this year!! What do you anticipates the most? What do you think will happen to the 3rd season? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! Featured image... Continue Reading →

5 Centimeters Per Second

Created by Makoto Shinkai, known for his Your Name movie, this drama film was rated 7.7/10 at IMDb and an 8/10 at Takaki Tono longs for his love to Akari Shinohara after their last meeting 13 years. ago. The animation of this anime is so good and realistic, the sceneries, color combinations and the... Continue Reading →

Kokoro Connect

Ever thought of swapping your bodies with another person? sounds nice but in this anime its a huge problem because it cause confusion among themselves. 5 members of Student Cultural Research Club experienced a phenomenon wherein their bodies were swapped with each other, this was brought to them by a mysterious man named "Heartseed" and... Continue Reading →

Plastic Memories

Recently I finished a Korean drama about androids and then I suddenly remembered that I watched this anime. This show was aired last 2015 with 13 episodes, it will be a fast but emotional watch ūüėě Giftia is the latest android model with human like features that also have human memory and emotion but there... Continue Reading →


Fans of ReLIFE this is a sad news because the manga will end this March 2018 ūüė¶ but on the positive note, the concluding part of the story will air also at the same month but that is kind of sad too. This was suggested by my classmate and I loved the story of this,... Continue Reading →


A school where wealthy and powerful student of Japan and a school that is also a gambling site. This is the first anime I watched where gambling is involve and I find it good and weird.¬†This anime was made by studio Mappa with 12 episodes that aired last July-September 2017 Hyakkaou Private Academy is a... Continue Reading →

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